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Junk Removal

Say goodbye to all your unwanted items! Our professional junk removal service is here to take away the clutter in your life. Don't let old appliances, trash, and debris clutter your property. We offer hassle-free pick-up and removal of all your unwanted items, so you won’t have to!

All services require a deposit of $50 to secure a booking slot. The deposit will be deducted from the final invoice balance.

Prices vary based on the load size required for your work order.


Junk Removal is a service that eliminates unwanted junk. It’s not just about throwing away things- it’s about making space, reducing safety hazards, saving time and money, plus more.

✔ Reclaim wasted space
✔ Organize Clutter
✔ Decrease safety hazards
✔ Save time & money
✔ Hire professionals to do it safely
✔ Save items you want from being thrown away
✔ Avoid damage and other property or items

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