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Decor Consultations

Bring your dream home to life with Clean Breeze Home & Decor! We help you create beautiful, comfortable living spaces that catch the eye. With our unique style, we can transform your vision into an inviting, cozy reality. From cleaning to designing, it's easy to envision your ideal home - let's make it happen!

Explore your creativity and more!

A well-decorated home can be a great source of joy, but it’s not always easy to figure out how best to start. That is where we come in! We'll help you create a plan that will result in your home feeling like a dream.

Initial Consultation: Create a warm, inviting space in your home or office by taking the first step and book an initial consultation for just $75. We'll help create an eye-catching, professional look for your home or office - colors, themes, and ideas - in up to an hour.

$75 for Initial Consultation


Design is not just about adding things into space. It is about creating an environment that promotes health and happiness, which will save you money in the long term. Explore your creativity, mix it up, increase the value of your office space or home, and enjoy the moment!

✔ Reduces stress levels
✔ Boost productivity
✔ Improves mental clarity
✔ Increase home value

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