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cleaning services

Career Opportunities

Join the Clean Breeze Team! We are looking for enthusiastic cleaners to help keep homes and offices sparkling. Responsibilities include dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, and spot-cleaning windows, sanitizing, and more! Attention to detail, professionalism, and quality cleaning is a must. Apply today and become part of our spotless team!

We're looking for a cleaning technician who has experience working with corporate housekeeping, excellent knowledge of cleaning appliances, attention to detail, and physical strength.

  • High School diploma or GED Certificate

  • Minimum one year experience with corporate housekeeping

  • Excellent working knowledge of cleaning appliances and their operations and proper use of cleaning solutions 

  • Attention to detail is necessary.

  • Physical Strength and stamina to work extended period of time.

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality. 

  • Must pass background check. ( may waive under certain circumstances) 

  • At least two references 

  • Must have transportation.

Up to $25.00 per hour paid bi-weekly 


Clean Breeze Home & Decor is a company that thrives on making others’ lives better. We know that Cleaning can be a tough job, but also rewarding. Why not get paid! 

  • Great Pay 

  • Bonuses 

  • W2 Employees

  • Great Team of cleaners 

  • Make someone smile about their cleaning. 



Secure the services of Clean Breeze Home & Decor for a top-notch cleaning experience! Our contract covers all types of residential and commercial services, from move in/out and Airbnb to janitorial and housekeeping services, plus we specialize in junk removal and organizing. Our flexible scheduling means you get the best service for your needs!


  • Get expert service from a qualified staff of cleaners.

  • Customize contracts to fit your needs.

  • Less worry about staff training and equipment upkeep.

  • Expertise and experience 






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